• Leaking underground storage tank repair

    Repair of an underground tank supplying eight houses

  • Underground Tank Lining

    Refurbishment of an existing underground tank supplying a small hamlet

Many underground storage tank repair and reservoir lining projects involve the sealing of ageing or damaged storage tanks. Many factors can result in underground tank perforation and leaks.

Often reservoir linings are required due to ground movement or just plain and simple ageing.

Some water tanks are constructed from brick and have a waterproof concrete render, that in time can break down and fall to the base of the tank. This results in a reduction of water quality and water loss. In some circumstances this can create a significant change in water quality, as ground water can leak back into the tank, resulting in pesticides and e-coli bacteria from cattle foetus. Our polypropylene underground tank lining system is ideal for solving this problem. The lining creates a barrier between the groundwater and the tanks water storage.

Underground Reservoir Lining

We have lined numerous underground concrete tanks where stored water has been draining to ground and supplies have been severely reduced. Our lining is used to contain the tanks contents, using the existing structure as support. Our underground reservoir lining system is extremely quick to install, usually around 6 hours for tanks up to 20,000 litres. The underground tank lining material is approved for contact with potable water and carries all relevant standards. All linings are thermal hot air welded and require no cure time, resulting in a rapid installation time and quick return to service.

Underground water storage tanks may be ideal for storing water for fire protection, yet due to their placement, when they leak it is hard to detect resulting in severe damage. They are also vulnerable to seismic disturbances i.e an earthquake. Our tank lining has a ten year guarantee meaning you will rarely need to check on the condition of the tank to ensure it is performing its function.

Underground Tank Lining Projects

  • Farms
  • Water Authorities
  • Fish Farms
  • Rural Hamlets