• Acid storage tank

    Double acid tank refurbishment project using two internal linings

  • Acid Tank Lining Application

    A factory acid storage tank for the acid cleaning of components

We have installed a number of acid tank linings at various chemical cleaning and electroplating plants. Tanks are generally drained, cleaned and then polypropylene lined. Concentrated acids attack virtually all metal tanks including stainless steel. The life of acid tanks is drastically reduced when heat is added to the equation, which most electroplating companies do. The most effective and economical solution is to use a metal tank and have one of our tank lining systems installed. Insulation can be installed behind the lining, reducing energy costs and a rigid shell installed on top of the lining for protection.

Acid Tank Lining Procedure

Our flexible lining is used to create a barrier in between the existing acid tanks surface and the corrosive liquid. In some circumstances, a rigid polypropylene protective shell is installed on completion of the flexible installation. This shell protects the flexible lining from being damaged by dropped or incorrectly fastened products. When the lining reaches the end of its life, a new tank lining can be installed. This is a far cheaper option than renewing the tank and connections.

Tanks are built to withstand temperatures in excess of around 60 degrees whilst also housing corrosive chemicals which can prove extremely harmful if allowed to contaminate potable water. Our flexible polypropylene lining has an extremely high resistance to acids and alkalis creating an effective barrier between the surface of the tank and the corrosive liquid preventing water pollution which could result in serious injury to those who consume or come into contact with it.

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Acid Storage Tank Lining Methods

  • Polypropylene Lining System
  • Butyl Rubber Lining
  • Rigid Polypropylene
  • Acid Resistant Coatings