Concrete Tank Linings

Concrete tank liners are probably one of our most popular applications. We have lined a number of concrete tanks in locations such as farms, remote country houses, small hamlets and commercial properties.

Concrete tanks generally have a certain lifespan and when this has been exceeded, the concrete starts to break down and leakage occurs. Our concrete tank liners are ideal to re-seal these vessels and extend the tanks life. Popular locations for this type of tank is rural and agricultural sectors like farms, hamlets, fish farms and country houses.

Concrete tanks are prone to breaking down, meaning water can be contaminated with their minerals which then requires chlorination. By installing our flexible concrete tank liners, the lifespan of these vessels can be extended indefinitely. Our flexible polypropylene concrete tank liners prevent the breakdown of concrete and contamination of the water. Saving you the cost of a new tank which due to its weight is the most costly and labour intensive of all tanks to replace. Concrete tank lining projects are very similar to that of commercial steel tanks.

The only difference being the fixings used are generally more robust and anchor fixings are required around the concrete tank linings perimeter. Inlet and outlet pipework is usually through the roof of the vessels and the lining is heat shrank around protruding pipe stubs or flanges. The polypropylene concrete tank lining material is resistant to perishing and ageing so we are able to offer a long guarantee. Repair and refurbishment of this type of tank is usually an emergency or a project which requires a quick turnaround. We have carried out lining works for a wide range of customers and appreciate the urgency with this type of project.

The process can usually be completed very quickly with most concrete tank linings taking around 3-4 hours to install. To begin with the water tank is drained. The tank is then thoroughly cleaned to prepare it for the flexible polypropylene lining.

Concrete Tank Liner Applications

  • Underground Tank
  • Basement Fire Tanks
  • Process Tanks
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Hospitals

The high quality finish is glossy and as with all our lining solutions, is covered by our 10 year guarantee.