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Water Tank Refurbishment & Replacement

Water Tank Refurbishment

We provide several services for water tank repair and refurbishment. Our services tend to be best suited when using a specific service to a certain type of tank. We have a unique solution for leaking potable water tanks, process tanks, underground tanks and acid tanks. Our flexible polypropylene lining system is WRC / DWI compliant and resistant to most acids up to around 70% concentration at around 60 degrees.

Our epoxy resin coating system is ideal for sealing steel water storage tanks against any further corrosion and perforations. Our epoxy coating system has potable water compliance, however this system can be applied to wide range of storage tanks.

Process water tank internal lining
Water tank internal coating
Sectional water tanks

Water Tank Replacement

Our sectional cold water tanks are an ideal solution for storing high volumes of water in areas where access is poor or seriously restricted. Sectional water tanks are constructed from one metre square panels, with half panels for severely restricted access. Fibreglass water tanks are manufactured from polyester resin, which are ideal for storing potable water and a range of other liquids.

Our one piece fibreglass water tanks are our most popular range, supplying both the domestic and commercial sector. One piece tanks are available with capacities ranging from 43 Litres up to 24000 Litres. These tanks are ideal for projects where access to and around the tanks final location is good. This type of water tank is normally installed in environments such as loft spaces, plant rooms and accessible tank rooms.

Tank Linings for a Wide Range of Water Tanks

We designed our own unique Flexible Polypropylene Water Tank Lining system to suit any size or shape of water tank. Our Flexible polypropylene has a number of advantages over other system, with ours being far more durable, chemical and age resistant. Our water tanks and linings are manufactured in house by our experts, prior to installation, which provides a rapid installation saving you time and money.

Existing epoxy lining methods require multiple coats, with specified cure times between applications. Our lining systems can be installed into tanks up to 10,000 litres within 8 hours. For larger tanks, we offer a mains water bypass installation or temporary tank service. Our largest tank lining installation to date is 1.5 million litres.

Water tank refurbishment material

Innovators in Tank Lining Materials

Our Flexible Polypropylene Tank lining, developed by our in house experts in 1994 has become a market leading product providing better durability and resistance to corrosive chemicals. Our tank lining has potable water approval and increased resistance to corrosive liquids, perforations, ageing and erosion. Our flexible polypropylene lining system is the ideal treatment for Acid storage tanks, underground storage tanks, process water tanks and those made of concrete and steel.

Our tank liners come with our ten year installation guarantee, prolonging the life of the water tank at a quarter of the price of replacement.

EPDM rubber lining of water storage tanks
Water tank in need of repair

Free Water Tank Survey and Report

Operating nationwide, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive site survey conducted by our in house experts absolutely free of charge. This inspection of your system allows us to identify any remedial works required, to bring your tank or system up to current standards. Furthermore we provide a detailed report on both your water tank and storage systems to ensure they are compliant with all U.K. water regulations.

This report includes photographs of your tank or system, to provide evidence of any defects. Finally we will provide a detailed quotation for any remedial or replacement works required, making you aware of any health and safety risks.

Durable Water Tanks, Lids and Covers

Due to Health and Safety regulations, cleaning of water tanks is a regular procedure, and this involves the removal of the water tank lid. Unfortunately this procedure is often the cause of damage to standard GRP (Fibreglass) water tank lids, due to their becoming delaminated and brittle over time. We have revolutionised the manufacture and replacement of tanks lids, employing the use of Rigid Polypropylene. A far superior lid, due to its excellent impact resistance, and being virtually unbreakable.

Internally insulated with 25mm insulation, our super tough water tank lids are the most durable on the market saving you money on replacing countless inferior GRP products.

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