Commercial Water Tank Installation Service

We have a wealth of experience in commercial water tank installation, having carried out numerous products throughout the UK. All commercial water tank installation and replacement projects are carried out ” in house “. All works are carried out by our own staff, without the need for sub-contractors. Our engineers are experienced in the removal and building of new sectional tanks, as well as new pipework installation.

Sectional Water Tank Projects

Nationwide Water Solutions are frequently specified for new tank installations, and carry out a large number of one piece and sectional water tank installations. Removal of existing leaking and corroded tanks is often required. We use a unique spark free cutting machine to cut existing steel tanks into manageable sections. This system significantly reduces the fire risk, and in some instances removes the need for hot work. When replacing existing steel or leaking GRP sectional tanks, existing tank bases can be damaged or unsuitable.

A water tank mains bypass or temporary tank can be installed to maintain supply during the water tank installation or replacement works. In some instances, one half of a duplex tank can be removed, whilst the remaining half maintains supply.

Our fabrication team manufactures new bespoke tank bases from heavy duty box section. This tank base framework system is assembled and installed on top of existing tank support pillars. Metal shims are used to level the new base, and marine plywood boards are used to complete the base.

All sectional water tanks are built by our in house engineers, to manufacturers specifications. Sectional water tanks are constructed on completion of the tank base. An initial tightening of all tank section fasteners is carried out on completion of the build. A specified torque setting is used for the initial ” nip ” of all fasteners. All pipework connections are installed, along with any tank extras including internal and external ladders, guard rails etc. The new sectional tank pipe fittings plumbed to the existing pipework. A final ” nip ” is carried out on all tank section fasteners, to a specified torque setting, 24 hours before filling.

On completion of the commercial water tank installation works, a full tank and pipework chlorination is carried out.

We carryout water tank installation and replacement works in a number of environments including plant rooms, loft areas, roof tops and external areas. Our engineers are experienced in the installation of all UK tank manufacturers products. We generally use only two manufacturers, who are in our experience, the most economical and supply the highest quality cold water tanks.

Free Site Survey

Please contact our sales team to arrange a free site survey, where we will advise you on the most suitable cold water tank and installation method.

Commercial Water Tanks – Sectional & One Piece Specification

  • 50mm Encapsulated Insulation
  • Hot Pressed GRP
  • Stainless Steel Fixings
  • Screened Overflow
  • Screened Air Vent
  • Access Hatch