Water Tank Insulation Installers

Water tank insulation is very important as the correct insulation of your water tank will save money and energy. Preventing heat rising towards the tank for other sources will not only ensure that cold water systems stay colder for longer but also prevent the tank from freezing when the temperature starts to drop.

Tank insulation is also a requirement of water by-laws and legionella risk assessments. Tank and pipe insulation also prevent the water from rising in summer months to levels which support bacterial growth and legionella.

We also stock a large range of pipe insulation to compliment out tank range. A selection of ancillary products are also available including stick pins, silver foil tape and glue. Insulation can be supplied on the roll, in slab form or in bags to fill insulation voids. Our insulation can be supplied in the following materials, rock wool, fibreboard, glass wool, duct wrap, cork, polystyrene, neo-flamb and king-span.

Our polypropylene tank lining system allows us to install tank insulation behind the lining. Polystyrene is used for the method and the end result is an extremely efficient and cost effective system. This system also prevents the insulation from getting damaged..

Ancillary products can also be supplied including knives, saws, tables, tape measures and levels etc.

We have successful experience providing insulation for all types of cold water storage tanks, from the one piece galvanised type to multi sectional tanks. We often use our three coat epoxy system along with the external lagging as this is especially good at preventing water temperatures falling below zero.

Water Tank Insulation Materials

  • Duct Wrap
  • Foil Backed Glass Wool
  • Foil Backed Rock Wool
  • Foil Backed Slabs
  • Neoflam
  • Kingspan

Site Survey

If you would like to talk to us about a insulation project please call us on 0345 505 2540 or send your details to us via our enquiry form and we will call you back to discuss the details of your project.