Commercial Loft Water Tank Installation Service

Our one, two and three section loft water tanks are designed for tank rooms or loft areas where access is restricted. Our engineers are experienced in removing and installing tanks in areas with restricted access. Our spark free cutting equipment ensures the safe removal of existing tanks.

Our GRP loft tanks are available in one, two and three section variations. This allows us to install tanks with greater capacities, in areas with restricted access. We carryout all loft tank installation works ourselves, without the need for any sub-contract specialists.

This type of tank is often installed in Nursing Homes, Care Homes, Small Hotels and Commercial Properties, as this type of building often has limited roof space.

The above photo shows a project we carried out on a residential block in North London. The premises had three tank housings like the one shown in the photo. We dismantled the existing timber housings, and replaced the corroded galvanised tanks with new GRP loft water tanks. A new timber frame was built, with a UPVC cladding shell. The one piece tanks were pre-insulated with close fitting lids. A screened overflow was installed, along with screened tank breathers and pipe insulation. New pipework and isolation valves were installed.

Loft Tank Capacities

One piece tanks are available with capacities ranging from 43 litres up to 15000 litres. Tank connection areas can be specified prior to manufacture. This allows for provision of un-insulated areas, allowing for ease of installation. One piece GRP tanks can be supplied un-insulated if required. In typical loft areas we are often asked to provide additional supports for new loft tank installations. Our engineers will carryout an in depth survey prior to the works to ensure adequate support is installed prior to installation.

Please contact our sales team to arrange a free survey or to discuss your requirements.

Loft Water Tank Installation

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