Process Water Tank Repair

The nature of process tanks means they are generally an ”out of sight, out of mind” item, over a period of time, a tanks original structure can deteriorate and when something does go wrong with them that requires any work it is more often than not down to severe corrosion or tank perforations – this may lead to dangerous spill or contamination. Process tank and systems are becoming more and more popular and this is one of our growth areas. Environmental policy and water conservation mean there is a growing demand for this type of system. Our coating and lining systems are resistant to a wide range of acids and alkalis, in varied strengths dependant upon temperature.

Tank refurbishment can save a considerable about of time and money, up to 80% in some instances, when compared to a full replacement. Tanks are also usually located in areas where access is extremely poor. Our flexible lining system is ideal for process tank refurbishment as linings can be rolled up and passed through small openings. Generally speaking, if we can fit into a tank it can be lined.

Our flexible linings are economical and hard-wearing and are ideally suited to process tank refurbishment due to their rapid installation time. When process tanks are offline this generally means production or similar processes are interrupted so it is important to get the works completed as quickly as possible.

Our tank lining system is manufactured off site and transported for installation. This drastically reduces the onsite time, meaning linings can generally be installed within a couple of hours.

If you would like to talk to us about a Process Tank Refurbishment project please call us on 0345 505 2540 or send your details to us via our enquiry form and we will call you back as soon as possible to discuss the details of your project.

Process Tank Lining Applications

  • Electroplating Companies
  • Zinc Plating Companies
  • Acid Cleaning
  • Cooling Water Systems