Why Should You Insulate Your Water Tank?

When it comes to a water tank, there’s a lot to think about. A lot of people make the mistake of forgetting that care and maintenance is a vital part of ensuring that the water tank is working correctly. Though a lot of the time water tanks operate perfectly fine on their own, that’s not to say that some input from you isn’t occasionally necessary. Something that needs to be considered is water tank insulation. There are a number of benefits that come from insulating a water tank, many of which you may not have considered. It’s common knowledge that insulation helps to regulate temperature, but insulation also aids in reducing bacteria growth in a water tank and prevents energy costs from spiralling out of control completely.

water tank with new lid and insulation

The Benefits of Insulating a Water Tank

There is no denying that all water tanks have been created to do their job and to do it well, but that doesn’t mean that improvements can’t be made to boost this in a big way. Whether you are in the process of choosing a brand new water tank and arranging installation or you are looking for a way to improve an existing water tank, insulation is key and it’s not something to forget about. This is because a well insulated water tank will undoubtedly perform a lot better, which in turn means you will use less energy and therefore save money. These are both things that anyone paying the bills is sure to appreciate. Don’t make the mistake of not giving enough thought to water tank insulation, which is something a lot of people find themselves doing and then regretting further down the line.


Without a good level of insulation, a water tank will struggle to retain heat. This means it will lose heat extremely quickly and therefore more energy is needed to continually reheat it, time and time again. Not only does this impact heating the building, but also the use of hot water. As hot water is needed and used throughout the year, water tank insulation is beneficial at all times. It’s not something that you will notice during the winter months alone when you need to heat the building, properly insulating a water tank can even save you money during the warmer months as hot water is always being used regardless of the temperature outside. When you consider water tank insulation in this way, it’s very easy to see how it can save money and energy. An insulated water tank uses less energy and therefore you will spend less money on energy bills. Insulation is also very important for cold water tanks, as water temperatures dropping too low can cause pipes to freeze and damage. This means that insulation can actually help you to avoid repair costs going forward, as damaged pipes need replacing and the cost of this can quickly add up.


There is also a legal aspect to consider when discussing the benefits of water tank insulation. There are certain regulations in place to keep water tanks running at specific temperatures, which means insulating them to a certain degree, as this keeps the risk of legionella under control. When a water tank is not operating at the optimum temperature, the chance of bacteria growth increases and this includes legionella which can be very dangerous. Though there’s no guarantee that insulation will one hundred perfect save you from harmful bacteria growth in your water tank and pipe system, it does significantly reduce the chances of any bacteria growth becoming out of control.


Professional Water Tank Insulation Services

At Nationwide Water Solutions, we offer a wide range of water tank insulation services. There are a lot of different pipe and tank insulation options available, and we know what will work best for your specific system. We supply insulation in a number of different forms including rock wool, fibreboard, glass wool, duct wrap, cork, polystyrene, neoflam and king-span. There’s always going to be material that is ideal for you and we are happy to offer professional help, recommendations and guidance before you go ahead. After all, you want to insulate your water tank in the optimum way.


When you are choosing a water tank insulation service, it’s important to seek out a team of professionals. If water tank insulation is not completed to a high standard, it’s unlikely to work as well as it should. By choosing a professional and high quality service, you can relax knowing that your insulation project is in good hands from beginning to end. At Nationwide Water Solutions, we have worked with a wide range of clients. We know everything there is to know about water tank insulation and we are confident in our ability to provide an unmatched service. Regardless of the type of water tank you have or the level of insulation needed, we are more than capable to take on the project.


Why Choose Nationwide Water Solutions For Water Tank Insulation?

To find out more about water tank insulation or to enlist professional services, get in touch with the talented Nationwide Water Solutions team. At Nationwide Water Solutions, we understand the importance of insulation for every type of water tank. This is why we work hard to ensure that your water tank system is properly insulated at all times and in a way that works best for the specific type of system that you have. We work quickly and efficiently, but without cutting corners or compromising on quality in any way. If you would like to find out more about insulating your water tank, get in touch. Let us know what you need and we will be able to provide a quote. Contact us on 0345 505 2540 or send your details to us via our online contact form. We are happy to discuss your project in detail and answer any questions you may have.